Bicycle Accident Attorneys

Bicycle Accidents can be caused by dangerous road conditions, reckless driving, or careless pedestrians. California personal injury laws allow the injured party to file a civil lawsuit for compensation against the negligent party or, in some cases, even the city.  Both drivers on the road and bicyclists are required to follow the rules and exercise reasonable care. BEWARE: ride your bicycle on the side of the street with traffic, not against it.  You may be at fault if you are riding against traffic and a car pulls out and hits you. ​


The attorneys at Louis White Law can sue for compensation by filing a personal injury lawsuit and recover damages for you, such as physical injuries, lost wages, medical bills, future medical treatment, damages, and more.


If you or someone you love has been injured in a bicycling accident,


  • Call the police immediately and advise them you are injured

  • Seek medical attention

  • Gather information, names and phone numbers of any witnesses

  • Don’t make any statements to any insurance companies



In the last year alone, Louis White Law has obtained $9 million for its friends, family, and clients. Let us give you the confidence to concentrate on your physical recovery while we put in the legal leg work. Call now for a no-cost confidential consultation.


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