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“I went to Louis White Law after being mishandled by two prior attorneys. I had complex issues as my home had already been foreclosed and the bank was trying to kick my family out. Louis White Law immediately put me at ease and took over. They filed lawsuits against my lender and within 3 months they got me a phenomenal result! Before my mortgage payment was $5,600.00. My payment is now $2,000.00 and I am still suing the lender for money damages! I highly recommend this law firm for any homeowner experiencing financial difficulties. Thank you, Louis White Law for keeping us in our home and restoring our dream.” — W.A. Smith


Louis White Law has helped thousands of families and other individuals facing wide-ranging real estate and consumer debt issues and has reduced or settled their debt obligations.


Louis White Law currently has over 50 active lawsuits throughout California and we have succeeded in obtaining the following results for our clients


  • Stop Foreclosure & Eviction Proceedings

  • Reduce Your Mortgage by up to $284,000.00

  • Reduce Your Interest Rate to 2%

  • Obtain Financial Compensation

  • Eliminate Your Second Mortgage

  • Short Sales & Bankruptcy

  • Debt Consolidation & Credit Restoration


Louis White Law focuses on civil litigation as well as transactions involving real estate financing and asset management. When faced with stressful, time-sensitive legal hurdles, it is important to choose the right attorneys who can set your mind at ease and create and execute a plan of action to protect and preserve your legal rights. We can help you navigate through your legal issues and encourage you to contact us today to discover how.

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We offer free consultations for clients with questions about Real Estate and Personal Injury matters, including vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, slip and fall cases, and wrongful death claims. A consultation fee may be applied for cases involving other areas of practice.