$3.7 Million in damages  awarded against a major
loan servicer in a complex wrongful foreclosure case

On August 16, 2019, a Riverside County jury found Defendants Residential Mortgage Solutions LLC and Specialized Loan Servicing LLC liable for Fraud, Negligence, and Negligent Misrepresentation and awarded Michelle Galyardt $3.7 million in damages -- $2.8 million of which were awarded as punitive damages to punish Residential Mortgage Solutions LLC and Specialized Loan Servicing LLC for their malicious conduct.

The attorneys at the Louis White Law Firm prosecuted this 3 week's jury trial and obtained the record-setting wrongful foreclosure verdict.

This hotly contested legal matter arose from the Defendants perpetrating a fraud on Michelle Galyardt to wrongfully foreclose on her family home. When Michelle Galyardt's family hit hard times in 2013, they fell behind in their mortgage payments.  However, months before their scheduled foreclosure sale, Michelle and her family came up with the money ($63k) to reinstate the loan to save her family home. In California, the Defendants were required to allow Michelle to reinstate the loan before the foreclosure sale.  However, when she tried to pay off her arrears, the Defendants added inflated and illegal fees to her loan amount and misrepresented her loan status so that they could wrongfully foreclose on Michelle's family home and liquidate it for $275k. 

This litigation was delayed for almost three and a half years. Mrs. Galyardt is thankful to her attorneys Louis White Law Firm, for helping her get justice and is thankful that she can now put this terrible event in the past.



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